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I am interested in the issues involved in managing large scale digital projects (such as the Encyclopedia of Milwaukee, which I am co-editor of). Questions that have my attention today include: how much technical knowledge do I need to develop? What are the advantages and disadvantages of going live with a project before it is complete?

On the pedagogical front, I just last week ran my first-ever session of Introduction to Digital Archives with my history methods class. I would be happy to talk about that experiment as well, and to learn from what you do in your classes to teach students about how to think about the digital world from historical perspectives.

I am also very interested in the Places that Matter proposal, which seems to fit very nicely with my own project.

Mostly I want to experience THATCamp, so I am perfectly open to going along with other people’s agendas and learning from that rather than pushing any of my own.

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A History of Block Clubs in Chicago (book-length project)

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  1. This session idea on digital history project management interests me, and may be relevant for projects both big and small. Perhaps we can persuade Tom Scheinfeldt to join this session? I know he’s done project management sessions in the past (just found Tom’s public notes on project mgmt deep inside my GDocs folder), and he’s currently working with the Encyclopedia of Connecticut History Online (ECHO) project, which you can follow at ECHO underway (

  2. Sounds great. Happy to join.

  3. Amanda, I definitely would join you for this – thanks for posting it. We have the same issues in the Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia project. I’d be happy to share what we have done with WordPress, and show how it works on the back end. But I have a big question about it, which is how far can we go with WordPress? Will it be enough to do everything we want to do? I agree with Jack that it would be great if Tom could join us.
    Our site:
    We have posted some future design plans on this site under “About” / “Envisioning Our Future”

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