Gaining Control of Media Assets

I see a lot of overlap with many of the topics already posted here. For me, the question of how to manage and what to do with digital assets in collections is huge.

My interests are in how digital media resources are being searched, delivered, and consumed. In my own work as a consultant dealing with mapping digital collections, I find there are tensions between creating access to everything and the public’s desire to have digested stories, or “just give me the highlights.” If organizations are spending time and resources in creating access, is this access being used fully for a variety of audiences and in different kinds of delivery systems? Can you browse a collection and what are the points of entry? How do you develop classifications and taxonomies to represent various dimensions of the content and the interests of the potential users? Can you crowd source the metadata mark-up and how reliable will that information be? And then how do you control how that media is delivered? To have dynamic media resources opens a huge area of potential uses for often content-packed collections that I think we are only starting to scratch the surface of.

I’d be interested in hearing/discussing how others are dealing with these and other issues related to media asset management and methods of delivery.

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About Judith Weiland

I live and work in the Buffalo/Niagara region and my greatest desire right now is to have a room with a view, mostly to myself. (UPDATE: found the view, now I need to build the room…) I guess I could be called a reluctant technologist. I use and understand the parts of technology I need, yet I am reluctant to fully embrace all aspects of it. For example, I was an early adopter of social media like myspace, facebook and twitter, yet could not bring myself to engage fully in putting my life out there for all to see (or shall I say spending my life putting it all out there?) I’m not sure if that classifies me as a dinosaur (or maybe a Luddite?) I believe the technology has valuable uses yet I believe balance and perspective is still necessary–the human interaction and engagement can never be replaced by technology. I’m interested in how users interact and engage with multimedia resources available to them and how changes in technology is changing how we do what we do. Mostly oral history focused today, working with Michael Frisch and Randforce. The best part of the job? interviewing. But mostly we deal with what you do after the recording–content management of audio and video data.

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  1. I think these are very interesting and important questions.

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